• Giving to The Wilds

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NOTE: In order to designate your gift(s) to a specific fund and/or project (such as Sustainers, Year-End, Needs List, etc.), click the 'Indicate any designation' link on the final PayPal step and enter your fund and/or project designation(s) in that box. The donation receipt that you will receive will also reflect the fund and/or project to which your donation was applied.

General Fund

The WildsMany friends of our different ministries give occasionally to “wherever it is most needed,” and that is what General Fund gifts are used for. The Wilds, The Wilds of New England, and The Wilds CampsAbroad all have regular (sometimes very unexpected) needs that must be met, and our friends giving to the General Fund have helped us meet those needs.

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Living Memorials

This category of giving is for gifts made either “in memory of” loved ones or “in honor of” individuals, couples, groups, or businesses. Often friends of the ministry request that memorial gifts be made to The Wilds in lieu of flowers at a funeral. This type of memorial gift keeps on giving (is a Living Memorial) because it is invested to purchase or construct things that will be used to minister in the lives of campers for several years.

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Needs Corner

“The Needs Corner” list is published in our NewsLetter and itemizes multiple specific needs in our various ministries. The majority of the items listed would enhance the experience of our campers but are not a necessity; therefore they are not being purchased through our normal budgeting process. Thank you for your consideration to help meet one or more of these needs.

Please check the latest edition of our NewsLetter to review the current items and consider helping to meet that need.

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THE WILDSThe Wilds, The Wilds of New England, and The Wilds CampsAbroad have churches, individuals, businesses, and others who give regularly toward whatever the needs might be of that specific ministry. These gifts are used to offset expenses, supplement areas of shortfall, provide scholarships, or a host of other needs within that particular ministry. These donors are at the heart of the ministry and give their gifts with the direction and understanding that the administrative management of The Wilds can best make the decision of where within the ministry to invest their donation.

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If you have any questions or would like more information about how you can become an active supporter of any of the ministries provided through The Wilds Christian Association, Inc., please contact us.

  • The Summer Partner Program

    The Summer Partner Program

    allows an individual or organization to
    become a supporting partner with a
    summer staff member.
    Click here for more information or
    Download the brochure doc_pdf
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